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Our History

My name is Gaye Mandel and I’m the Founder of PawPad Company Inc. I developed and produced PawPad® based on a need inspired by the unimaginable love for my first dog Charley. We’re a female-founded and operated business based in Ontario, Canada, and are passionate about providing you with innovative home solutions for you and your pets.

Pet family members often become added “residents” of the family bed. Charley started out sleeping in a crate, but after a few months once she was trained, I wanted her as close to me as often as possible, so sleeping together seemed only natural. Clearly I’m not alone; 71% of pet owners report sleeping with their pets and 43% on a nightly basis.

As the study's 6 years old, it's probably an even higher number now, given the importance of having a pet and the increase in pet ownership.

As cute as she was, Charley and her 110 lbs. of love, always got so dirty when she went outside, which was tough to deal with, especially when she jumped up on the bed to nap or cuddle. Dog and outdoor cat paws are like "magnets" and everything like mud, sand and snow sticks to them. Loose or shedding fur is also hard to contain and a real pain to clean-up and stay on top of.

Now we have our beautiful Poppy in our life and as the "Intern," she's working hard to carry on Charley's legacy. She's by my side daily and provides ongoing emotional support.

Designing PawPad®

Being clean-obsessed, there had to be a way to better control the mess that always ended up on my bed covers. The spare flat sheet I was using wasn’t cutting it. But in order for it to be successful, of course the solution had to check a lot of boxes.

I wanted it to be functional, look attractive and complement my bed covers, offer ample protection from wetness, be easy and convenient to use and keep clean, be lightweight (so it didn’t add too much weight to the “pet parents” sleeping under it), save time and be well within reach financially. It also had to deliver excellent value for the money as it was always intended to be a long-term purchase.

PawPad® has a waterproof inner layer designed to absorb moisture rather than wick it away. This keeps your bedding safe from accidents due to light incontinence, vomiting and more. The outside layers are absorbent and can hold a good amount of liquid in without leakage through to the bed covers. It is also reversible so if you can't tend to the mess right away, you can fold it and use the other side for protection.

Use PawPad® Anywhere

PawPad® can also be used on a couch, chair, area rug, carpet, back seat of the car, cover/wrap an existing pet bed, line a crate, on outdoor furniture, for travelling and so much more (see our Learn More page).

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