PawPad® Story


Welcome to the PawPad Company Inc.  We developed and manufactured PawPad based on an idea inspired by our love for our pets.  Our home base is Ontario, Canada and we are passionate about providing our customers with innovative home solutions for you and your pets.  PawPad controls and contains pet messes and reduces the stress of owning a pet(s).


Pets often become “residents” of the family bed and in time can take over the whole house.  Our dogs started out sleeping in a crate.  Once they were house-trained we wanted them as close to us as often as possible. In fact 71% of pet owners report sleeping with their pets and 43% on a nightly basis.




Our dogs love to run and play no matter the weather and they can get quite dirty playing outside.  Furniture throughout the house can become wet, stained and smelly as a result.  Mud, sand, snow, etc can get right into the fibres of the material.  Loose and shedding hair/fur is also very hard to contain and and very difficult to stay on top of.  More reasons again to use a PawPad everywhere your pets hang out.




Designing PawPad


Being clean-obsessed, and loving our pets did not have to be mutually exclusive.  There had to be a way to control the mess they can make and protect our household furniture at the same time.  The spare flat sheet we attempted to use just did not work.  Everything soaked right through it and we were still left with a mess.


For PawPad to be useful, it had to check a lot of boxes


  1. We wanted it to be functional, look attractive and complement the furniture we were protecting.
  2. Offer ample protection from wetness.
  3. Be easy and convenient to use and KEEP clean itself.
  4. Be lightweight.
  5. Deliver excellent value for the money
  6. Be a long term purchase that could be used over and over.


PawPad has a thin waterproof inner layer that you can not see but you will know is there.  It keeps your bed, covers, furniture, carpets, back seat of your car, etc., safe from accidents and messes.  The outside layers are absorbent and can hold a large amount of liquid without leaking.  It is also reversible so you can fold it and use the other side to increase the time between washing.


Use PawPad Anywhere


PawPad can be used to protect couches, love seats, chairs, area rugs/carpets, the back seat of your car, to line a crate/carrying case, on outdoor furniture, the boat, and the list goes on and on ( see our Learn More page)

Don’t Forget About Your Vehicles


PawPad will help to protect your vehicles from the mud and dirt that our pets can once again bring with them.  Simply fold your PawPad in half lengthwise to use it on a bench seat or use it full size to protect the back of the seat as well. See “Our Products” for more details