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Our Pets are Part of the Family.

We love them deeply yet recognize that they bring the outside in. Save and protect your bed covers and your furniture, rugs, car seat and more by using a PawPad® or two. Don't let the mess from shedding fur, wet and dirty paws, light incontinence, drool. odour, vomit, poo or other accidents, get in the way of sleeping with them or letting them enjoy their happy places. When it's dirty, just toss it in the wash rather than having to strip and wash your duvet cover or comforter as often as you do now.

PawPad® saves and protects your bed covers from many potential messes.

"Buzzy" recently had surgery. Of course her mom, Jan, wanted her as close as possible so she bought a PawPad® to protect her bed covers in case there was any leaks from the wound site. See how fast and easy it is to place PawPad® on the bed after washing. You'll also notice how lightweight it is and how pets jump right up.

Puppies pee a lot.

How can you not want us to sleep with you or nap at the very least? If you have a PawPad® on the family bed, you don't have to worry if I have an accident. We're covered. And when it's dirty, just toss it in the wash. PawPad® combines strong and durable, absorbent knit fabric with a waterproof inner layer!

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Blood on the PawPad® comes out.

Are you are Breeder of awesome puppies? PawPad® is perfect for underneath your female dog(s) for her first heat to protect from spotting or heavier blood flow. When it's time to give birth, the PawPad® is perfect to put under her while she's whelping. You'll both feel better and save on tons of laundry and ruined towels/sheets etc. To treat blood stains, spray immediately with Hydrogen Peroxide and also Shout® or a Natural Stain Remover Paste (see Washing Instructions for recipe). When you wash it, the stains should come out. 2-3 treatments and washes may be required.

We love you and want to be as close to you as possible.

With a PawPad® we can all rest easier knowing we're protected. Whether you're a millennial, adult, a senior or a kid, feeling the safety and security of having your four-legged family members by your side, makes us all feel better.

Older is better, right?

Just because we're getting older, doesn't mean we want to stop sleeping together or being allowed on the furniture or wherever. This is a great time to get a PawPad® for "our" bed. We can all sleep stress-free knowing we're protected in case of an "accident." Here's a handy video with a budget-friendly home remedy to treat urinary tract infections (UTI'S) which is quite common as we age (always consult with your Veterinarian if you suspect your pet has a UTI).

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