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Will My Cat Ever Become My Best Friend?

Will My Cat Ever Become My Best Friend

Cat’s are independent animals. Though they sometimes want affection, more often than not it is entirely on their terms. No matter how much you entice them, they might simply choose to walk away from you until they decide that you must pay attention to them. This may lead you to believe that your cat doesn’t really like you, but that probably isn’t true.

If you’re trying to figure out how to get your cat to like you, you’re not alone. Many cat lovers crave affection from their pets but don’t get it when they want it. There are some hints to help you know if your cat really does like you. In this article, we’ll help you learn how to be friends with your cat, in order to enjoy the most meaningful relationship.

Focus on Playtime, Not Forced Affection

If there is anything in the world that will make your cat not want to spend time with you, it’s forcing affection upon them when they don’t want it. You might think that now is a great time to snuggle up with your kitty, but they sometimes have other things in mind.

Don’t force a cat to snuggle, instead, try to engage them in active play. If you want to spend time with your cat but they don’t feel the same way, break out a feather toy on a string and get active. Cat’s often can’t resist a chase and you’ll both have fun bonding during playtime.

Focus on Playtime Not Forced Affection

Reward Favourable Behaviour

When your cat does snuggle up, reward their behaviour. Pay attention to them and let them know that you appreciate them coming to see you. Do this by either actively petting and scratching them, or if it’s not good timing for you right now, offer them treats.

Cat’s are notorious for wanting attention when you’re in the middle of something. Whether you’re on a conference call at your computer or cooking dinner, they have a knack for knowing when you’re busy. Try not to brush off their affection and always acknowledge that they want to spend time with you, even if you must keep it short and sweet.

Discourage Aggressive Behaviour

In our previous article, “Why Do Dogs Bite and Cats Scratch?” we touched on some of the reasons why a cat may bite or scratch. Most of the time this tendency is related to instincts and not aggression. If not socialized properly some cats may have aggressive tendencies.

Never play rough with your cat, as this may lead to them thinking biting and scratching you is ok. Redirect rough play to toys and scratching posts. This will lead to a more harmonious and affectionate relationship with your cat.

Just Be There for Them

Cat’s are often loving and affectionate companions. Though they may do things on their own terms, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Try to give your cat as much attention as possible when they want it. You’ll often find that they just seem to know when you need them too. Don’t worry too much if your cat spends lots of time alone, they still love you, they just like to do their own thing too.

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