Where Should the Dog Sleep?

Where should the dog sleep

You’ve decided that now is the perfect time to add a furry family member into the mix. You’ve finally found the perfect pup or adult dog and they will soon be coming home. You and your family are excited about your newest addition and you’ve been preparing your home for long walks, playtime, drool, shedding fur and lots of cuddles. But where should dogs sleep at night?

While preparing to bring a new dog home, some people feel concerned about where their dog will sleep. Some are worried that if left alone overnight, a dog might get into trouble and chew things they shouldn’t. Others are concerned that allowing their dog to sleep in their bed will be too messy with shedding fur, wet and muddy paws and more. Though every family is different, at PawPad® Company we believe the best place for your dog to sleep is with you and we’re not alone.

Why Should My Dog Sleep with Me?

Many dog owners naturally feel that the best place for their dog to sleep is right in the family bed with them. And they might just be onto something. An American Kennel Club survey found that 45% of dog owners sleep with their pup at night. Further research shows evidence that not only do dog owners enjoy being close to their pet, they also benefit from it too!

There have been many studies conducted on canines in the bedroom and all point to more benefits than downsides. Not only will your dog enjoy being close to you, you may also experience the following benefits of sleeping with your dog.

Though you may be concerned about how a dog may disrupt your sleep, there is no indication that having a dog in your bedroom will be a detriment to your sleep quality. If anything, you may find that you sleep better than ever before by having your dog in your bed with you. Doing this also helps to further increase and strengthen the emotional bond you have with the animal.

Where Should the Dog Sleep

Kids can benefit from sleeping close to a dog too. If you have a child that suffers from anxiety, they may benefit greatly from sleeping with your family’s dog. Children with autism may feel comforted by having a dog in the home and perhaps even in bed with them. Don’t be afraid to allow your child to sleep with the dog, it’s good for them!

What About the Mess?

Are you worried that your dog may have an accident in the night? Or maybe shed too much fur for your liking? There is no doubt that dogs sleeping in your bed can come with a bit of a mess. At PawPad® Company we offer the perfect solution to keep you close to your pet while also keeping your sanity.

PawPad® protects your bed from fur and any other mess your pet may make. It provides protection without taking away from your stylish home décor. Waterproof, absorbent, lightweight and machine washable and dryer safe, PawPad® is the most convenient way to protect your bed covers from unwanted mess and will save you tons of time while cleaning up. If you and your dog love sleeping close together then a PawPad® will make your dreams even sweeter.

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