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Toys That Pets Love

There’s no denying that our furry best friends need lots of playtime. With so many toy options to choose from you may not know what the best toy for your pet will be. Just like humans, not all pets like the same things. At first it may take some trial and error to find what your pet prefers, but there are some tried and true toys that are often a hit with most pets, which is why they’re so popular.

If you’re getting ready to bring your new best friend home, you might need some help with getting prepared. Thankfully toy shopping is one of the most fun parts of the overall process. We have some great options for your new puppy, big dog, and cats too. See our list below for the best toys for dogs and cats.

Best Chew Toys for Dogs & Puppies

In our previous article “How to “nip” Puppy Nipping Early” we discussed why it’s important for dogs and puppies to bite and chew. Since chewing and biting is a normal behaviour for dogs, it’s important that they have some safe and fun chew toys.

Our top pick for puppies and dogs is the KONG Classic. KONG is a well-known and trusted maker of pet toys and their KONG Classic chew toy is loved by dogs of all ages and sizes. Not only is this one of the best chew toys for dogs, but it can also be useful while training your puppy too. This toy allows you to hide treats inside. While playing, your dog will expose the treats and engage in chewing and play! The classic size is a good option for many dogs, but KONG makes this toy in different sizes for smaller or larger dogs too. KONG makes some of the best dog toys for power chewers and gentle dogs too.

If your dog or puppy isn’t a fan of the KONG Classic, don’t be afraid to try something else. The size or shape of this toy might not be a good fit for your dog. Consider something more traditional like the KONG Goodie Bone. It’s got a familiar shape that most dogs typically enjoy.

Best Dog Toys for Big Dogs

When you have a big dog, you may find that you need bigger and tougher toys. Larger dogs seem to destroy everything, so tough toys are the solution to not having to buy new ones all the time. Typically, the investment pays off. Here are a few options, we think they’re the best dog toys for big dogs.

Chuckit! Kick Fetch – some large dogs like to run and run far! The Chuckit! Kick Fetch is a great option for dog owners with large dogs. Not only is it made from durable material, but it makes playing fetch easy for the pet parent too. Kick it hard and far and your dog will love chasing after this big soft ball.

Outward Hound Invincibles – if your big dog loves soft toys but always seems to destroy them, Outward Hound has a great option for you. Their Invincibles line is a great choice for dogs who love to chew but also want to cuddle with their toys. From snakes to floppy chickens, they have so many great options for your large dog that will continue to squeak even when punctured.

Best Toys for Cats & Kittens

Cats and kittens that live indoors crave the chasing and hunting they would typically do if they lived outside. The best toys for cats are ones that mimic hunting behaviour and allow your cat to chase and pounce. Below are some of our top toy picks for cats and kittens.

KONG Cat Feather Teaser – toys on strings like the KONG Cat Feather Teaser are a great option. This toy is interactive, and you and your cat will love it. KONG’s version of this toy is durable but if you’re having trouble sourcing it, any toy on a string with feathers will likely be a hit.

KONG Catnip 2 Mice Toy – any small toy filled with catnip will likely be one of your cat’s favourites. KONG once again made our list as this option is refillable. Reduce waste and spending by refilling these mice when the catnip wears off.

TURBO Scratcher – cats love this toy as it allows them to bat and chase a ball while also providing some space to scratch. This style of toy is loved by many cats and the cardboard scratching pad can even be replaced.

Toy Safety for Pet’s

Once you’ve introduced a new toy to your pet, it’s important that you monitor them while playing. Always check for loose parts or broken toys that could become a choking hazard. Store toys that are on strings away from your pet to avoid them becoming tangled in it while you aren’t watching.

Remove any damaged toys from your rotation and replace them when necessary. It can be tough to take away a toy your pet loves, but safety is always your first priority with toys.

Stay Prepared for Anything

Getting ready for a new pet in the home is an exciting time. While you are filling your home with comforts for your pet, don’t forget about your own comfort too. If you’re planning on having your pet sleep in bed with you, you’ll need to be mindful of any messes they make. There will be many, even if it’s just shedding fur everywhere.

As you’re shopping for our recommended toys at Ren’s Pets make sure to pick up a PawPad®. Whether you have a dog or a cat, a PawPad® will be a great addition to keeping your pets close to you without having to worry about a mess on your bed covers. A PawPad® is perfect for containing and controlling  fur, dirt, drool, odour or accidents your pet may make.

At PawPad® Company Inc., we know that love comes first when thinking about your pets. From choosing the perfect toy to making sure they are cozy and safe when sleeping close to you, you put their needs first. Check out our Pawpular Reads for more tips on caring for your new best friend and keeping them happy, healthy and safe.

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