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Litter Training 101

Cat Litter Training 101

Expecting a new arrival in the form of a fluffy kitten? You’ve likely been preparing your home with scratching posts, toys and a litter box too! But you may still be unsure about how to teach a kitten to use their litter box. If your kitten is over 12 weeks old there is a good chance that they’ll already be litter trained when you take them home. You might not have to do much at all. If not, our tips will get you off on the right foot and have your kitten using their new litter box comfortably and quickly.

If you’re worried about an accident during the introduction process, consider a PawPad® for important possessions like your bed and couch. Waterproof, lightweight and absorbent, a PawPad® will save your sanity and decrease the chance of something getting damaged when bringing a new kitten home.

Encouraging Litter Box Usage

  1. Introduce your kitten to the litter box – when you bring your kitten home the first thing you should do is show them where their litter box is. Kittens that have been litter trained prior to you bringing them home will understand that this is the place to go. But you need to show them where the box is in their new environment.
  2. Keep it private – kittens and cats prefer to use a litter box that is tucked away from the busyness[KS2] of your household. Consider placing the box in a quiet room and in a corner if possible. Kittens feel more secure using a litter box in a relaxed setting. Really, who wouldn’t!
  3. Keep it away from food and water – you wouldn’t want to eat or sleep in the bathroom, would you? Kittens and cats don’t like their food or water to be near their litter box either. Try your best to keep these areas separate for your kitten. Not doing so may result in problems with using the litter box or issues with your kitten eating their food.
  4. Clean it regularly – just like you don’t really want to use the public washroom at the mall, kittens don’t want to use a dirty litter box either. Daily cleaning of the litter box and a top up with fresh litter will make your cat’s litter box much more inviting. A dirty or overfull litter box may result in your kitten taking their business to undesired areas in your home.

Cat Litter Training 101

If you are adopting or fostering a younger kitten you may need to assist them more in the litter learning process. Kitten Lady has an abundance of information to assist you in training and caring for a newborn foster kitten.

What Kittens Want

More than anything you kitten wants a safe, clean, and easily accessible space for their litter box. By following our tips, you should be on the right track towards a peaceful litter box introduction. If your kitten is struggling with litter training, consider reaching out to your vet. There may be some other reason why they won’t use their litter box. We hope you feel empowered and can confidently say, I easily learned how to teach my kitten to use the litter box!

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