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Is It Wrong for My Dog to Sleep in My Bed?

Is It Wrong for My Dog to Sleep in My Bed

Has someone ever told you that it’s weird for your dog to sleep on the bed with you? If you love sleeping with your pet, you might be put off by their comment. And if you’re doubting whether or not it’s ok to have your dog sleep in your bed, you shouldn’t.

At PawPad® Company Inc. we believe that it’s completely natural for you to want to have your best friend close by while you sleep. And science thinks we’re right too! In our previous article “Where Should the Dog Sleep?” we touch on why we think that your bed is the best place for your dog. In this article we will talk about why your dog likes to be close to you, and why you should embrace their snuggles as much as possible.

Why Does My Dog Like to Sleep in My Bed?

Does your dog think the best place to be at night is right next to you? It’s no surprise to many dog owners that their bestie chooses their owner’s bed as the perfect place to sleep. Does your current dog like to sleep in your bed but previous pets haven’t? You might be wondering, why does my dog like to sleep in my bed? The simplest way to answer this question is that they love you.

Dogs love being close to their humans. They feel most comfortable when you are close by. That’s why they often choose to follow you around the house when they’re awake. It’s no different at night. Many dogs love being close to their owners as it makes them feel safe and secure.

Should My Dog Sleep in My Bed?

Should a dog sleep in your bed? At PawPad® Company Inc. we feel that the best place for your dog to sleep is with you. Not only does your dog love it, but you are likely to experience positive emotions and a sense of security by having them close by. In turbulent times such as when we are grieving or going through a stressful event, it can be crucial to our own mental health (and the dog’s too), to keep our pets close by.

Should My Dog Sleep in My Bed

Did you know that your dog can have a physical effect on your personal well-being? HelpGuide details that having a pet, such as a dog, is associated with lower levels of anxiety and reduced chances of developing depression. You’ll also benefit from increased physical wellness by having them near. When times are tough it’s especially important to embrace the love and security that dogs provide. They’ll love you right back and appreciate the bond you share.

What If They Make A Mess?

Letting your dog sleep on your bed can come with some concerns if they shed a lot or tend to drool and make a mess. Thankfully we’ve developed the perfect solution to this problem. Get cozier with your dog without worrying about a mess by using a PawPad®. Lightweight, absorbent, waterproof and machine washable, PawPad® is the perfect product for sleeping with your pet. Forget about the mess and enjoy the benefits of being close to your best friend all night long.

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