Top Tips to Save Your Bedding from Your Pets

When you're a first-time pet parent, you don’t know what you're signing up for. Most pet owners learn the reality of owning a dog as their pet the hard way. After throwing out countless soiled sheets and multiple carpet changes they discover ways to pet-proof their house and especially their bedrooms.

Let's stop you from experiencing this dilemma from the start. In order to save your bedroom from being spoiled by your newly adopted fur ball, we have some tips for you to try before you have to throw some beautiful bedsheets away!

• Pay Close Attention to What Your Dog Eats

Your dog's diet is the most important thing that you need to take care of. When your dog eats something unpleasant, they are sure to spoil your bed at night. Their diet determines their pooping habits and how you train your dog plays into that.

Feeding your dog stuff that they like and food that agrees with their stomach is essential. If you don’t control that, then your dog will have many stomach issues throughout their adolescent years and you'll have a smelly bedroom to sleep in.

• Oversee Their Excretion Cycle

Just like controlling their food, you also have to control their excretion cycle. From training them to go outside to potty to reviewing their food, all of it comes in managing their excreting cycle. Once you get ahead of that, your dog will stop dirtying your bed and carpets altogether. But you can't get rid of your dog from jumping in your bed beside you when you're sleeping!

• Use Inexpensive but Durable Layers on Your Bed

Multipurpose blankets for your dogs or other durable bedsheets should be on your list of groceries every few months. Go for durable but affordable material if you have a new puppy roaming around your house or an old dog that you're taking care of. This will allow you to protect your mattress underneath from any accidents that might occur.

Layering should be your go-to bed styling. Layer something waterproof as the base layer and then add durable bed sheets and blankets on top to protect your heavily invested mattress. You can also invest in a fleece that you can layer where your dog usually lays down. This way, the fleece will catch the excess hair your dog sheds and you can easily clean it later.

• Waterproof Material Should Be Your Best Friend

Like I said before when you have pets around, they are like little children who don’t always understand you. Therefore, accidents are bound to happen. To ease yourself from throwing out a lot of bedding and couches, you should invest in waterproof material for your bedroom that is easy to clean and lasts you a long time without getting damaged.

• Buy a Separate Bed for Your Pet

Another way you can train your dog to avoid spoiling your bed is to give them a separate durable one. When you add a separate comfortable bed for your dog on your bed, they tend to like it and prefer sleeping in it. So, use this trick and welcome them on your bed by giving them another.

Using these tricks will allow you to have a clean bed for ages and your mattress will live its long life without getting spoiled by your furry friend!