How Do You Stop Your Pet from Messing Up Your Couch?

Although we love our little pets, we have to agree they do tick us off sometimes by ruining that special couch or the comfortable chair you love to sit on. Of course, they don’t get the gravity of what they're doing but it still would be better if they knew what not to do. They are a major source of contention in the house. You know what I'm talking about if you have dogs who use your new couch as a scratching post.

Pets might grow territorial about furniture or leave shed fur all over your pristine couch or bed. When these problems emerge, it is critical to train your pet to keep off the furniture. Learning how to break these undesirable behaviors will assist you in permanently training your pets to keep off the furniture.

Dog owners are no strangers to vomit, urine, or claw impressions on their furniture.

If you've had a dog or any length of time, you've undoubtedly seen it all - and more. When you keep a pet, furniture damage is unavoidable. Fortunately, by selecting pet-friendly furniture and fabric and knowing how to preserve that furniture from scratches, body fluids, and other types of pet-related devastation, you may limit damage.

So, it’s established that you can't escape the wear and tear on your furniture if your pets live with you, so wouldn’t it be better if you were prepared for it? So that you can minimize the damage received? Of course, you can try training your pet to not do all that but until they’re trained, here are some tips for you to save your furniture from your dog.

Purchase a comfortable bed for your pet. You'll need to provide a comfy alternative for your dog or cat before you can train them to stop sleeping on the sofa or bed. If you don't present an alternative, you're unlikely to succeed in keeping your pet off the furniture. In fact, due to arthritic pain or discomfort from resting on the floor, some pets are better suited to sleeping on soft furniture. A dog or cat bed may assist give a pleasant spot for your pet to sleep without causing you any disturbance.

Use sweets as a motivator. Once you've provided your pet with a "pet-friendly" piece of furniture, you may need to educate your pet to utilize it instead of humans-only furniture. Treats can be quite beneficial in this situation. Leave goodies on the dog/cat bed, the cat condo, or the pet-friendly piece of furniture to make these items more appealing to your pet. If your pet wants to climb onto a piece of furniture reserved for humans, make them get down and place a reward onto the furniture or bedding you've supplied for them.

Clean it up. For many dogs, nothing beats playing in the back yard - especially when it's muddy! Keep an old towel by the entrance and quickly clean their feet before entering the home to reduce the amount of dirt and muck they track in.

Most dogs soon learn the pattern and will come to a halt for the customary foot rub.

Get this amazing protective pet blanket. Until your dog is trained, you can get this custom pet blanket to cover your furniture or their favorite spot so they don’t have any accidents on them. This personalized pet blanket is an amazing cover for your sofa, bed, or your car seat. It’s a 3-layered waterproof pet blanket that supports a dry, quick, membrane that stops all liquid from seeping through. It is a very absorbent pet blanket, which means it absorbs moisture in seconds and protects anything below it from dampness, odor, or stains.

It's entirely reversible and absorbent on both sides, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it straight away. It’s a pet blanket for couch as well because you can lay it down on your couch to protect it and then wash it or turn it over and it’ll be as good as new.

Do try out all these tips to ensure protecting your furniture from your dog and you won't be disappointed!