Having a dog doesn’t have to be messy! With PawPad, you’ll never have to worry about your dog making a mess.  

ScumRay – Twin Pack

A Waterproof Cover For All Your Dog’s Needs!

Dogs love to make a mess! They shed fur every day. Drool all over your furniture. Sometimes, they have little ‘accidents’ that end up costing you your sofa, your bed, or your couch. But we love them anyway! Who can resist that cute little face? Right? 

To make it easier, both for you and your dog, we came up with PawPad, a waterproof cover that will absorb every mess your dog makes, keeping your furniture clean and clear, all day every day! The best part? It’s outdoor friendly too. Magic? Yep, that’s it!

Versatility That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Most waterproof products in the market are either blankets or sheets and are highly limited in their use. PawPad is different because it’s a cover, not a blanket or a sheet. 

• You can use it flat on beds, comforters, carpets, or rugs.
• You can fold it and use on chairs, couch, sofa, or anywhere else you want
• If you are travelling, you can use it for backseat of a car, to wrap on a pet bed, or use it as a carry case liner.
• If you are visiting someone, you can take it to be a good guest and not make a mess
• You can use it on hikes, walks, picnics, camping, and practically everywhere, just ‘fold and go’ wherever you want, no worries

ScumRay – Twin Pack

How it works

PawPad comes with our advanced quick dry waterproof membrane that prevents all liquid from seeping through. What makes it the best in the market?

• Our waterproof membrane holds more water than any other cover in the market
• It is super absorbent which means it absorbs the liquid in seconds, protecting anything underneath it from wetness, unwanted odor, or stains.
 • It’s fully reversible and absorbent on both sides so you can keep using it without having to worry about washing it right away.

Drop element here!

Super Easy To Use

Just place it on your bed, sofa, couch, seat, or wherever you want and snuggle with your dog without any worries. 

Machine Washable 

It’s easy to clean too. Just toss it in the machine and once it’s dry, you can use it again. It will always look and feel the same. 


It’s not a blanket or a sheet. It’s a cover which means you can use it anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors. 

Our Customer Love It And So Do Their Dogs

The Best Waterproof Cover In The Market!

ScumRay – Twin Pack
ScumRay – Twin Pack

Not Just For Dogs!

Not a dog fan? That’s okay. PawPad can also be used for cats. Much like dogs, cats shed their fur too and it can really be difficult to clean their mess. PawPad makes it much easier for you. Just place it wherever your cat likes to hang out and you are good to go, for days! It’s reversible which means you will have to wash it even less. When you do need to wash it, just toss it in the machine, let it dry and voila, you can use it again.

Using A PawPad Is So Easy You Will Regret Not Buying It Sooner!

We made PawPad to make your life easier. From using it to cleaning it, we have made having a dog a breeze for you. No more messy furniture. No more stress about having your bed cleaned. No more worries about stains or odor! With a PawPad, you have nothing to worry about.

 To make sure both you and your dog enjoy our PawPad to the fullest, here are two important tips to help you get the most out of a PawPad.

Get More Than One

It works a lot better if you buy at least two PawPads for your dogs. You can keep one for your bed or sofa where you dog likes to hang out most of the time. You can use the other one for your car seat or whenever you are travelling. 

Using the same PawPad for indoors and outdoors not only gets tiring and annoying, but also makes more mess instead of reducing it. 

Schedule Cleaning Your PawPad

Life has gotten so busy these days and you can forget to clean your PawPad. Given that its reversible, PawPad can be used for longer periods than most other covers.

 However, a PawPad that isn’t cleaned for a long time isn’t healthy for your beloved dog. That’s why it is better to clean it every so often so your dog can have a fresh cover all the time.

Your “Good Boy” Deserves A Good PawPad

We love dogs and know that you do too. Together we can make lives easier for both us and our dogs. As they age, they need us, and we need them. Give your dog a gift today and give them the comfort the deserve!

Product Description for PawPad

The best waterproof cover for your best friend. PawPad brings you the comfort and peace of mind of a clean home. No more dog fur, drool, or pee damaging your bed, sofa, couch, or car. Makes having a dog a lot easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy carefree snuggle time with your dog whenever wherever you want.

 • 100% Waterproof - The waterproof membrane makes sure no liquid, urine, drool, vomit, or poop seeps through it
Reversible - Absorbent on both sides so requires less washing
Versatile - Can be used both indoors (bed, comforters, rugs, carpets, chairs, couches, sofas, etc.) and outdoors (car backseats, carry cases, camping, etc.)
High quality material – Made from best quality knit-polyester and thermos-polyurethane
Durable – You can use it for years without any changes in its softness, function, or quality