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Problem: You love to sleep with your pets but not with their mess.

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The PawPad® Story

My name is Gaye Mandel and I’m the Founder of PawPad Company Inc. I developed and produced PawPad® based on a need inspired by the unimaginable love for my first dog Charley. It’s a female owned business and the product is shipped from Canada where I live.

Pet family members often become added “residents” of the family bed. Charley started out sleeping in a crate but after a few months once she was trained, I wanted her as close to me as often as possible, so sleeping together seemed only natural. Clearly I’m not alone; 71% of pet owners report sleeping with their pets and 43% on a nightly basis.

As cute as she was, Charley and her 110 lbs. of love, always got so dirty when she went outside which was tough to deal especially when she jumped up on the bed to nap or cuddle. Dog and outdoor cat paws are like "magnets" and everything like mud, sand and snow sticks to them. Loose or shedding fur is also hard to contain and a real pain to clean-up and stay on top of.

As you know, striping the duvet cover, washing and re-stuffing it is a work-out plus the more often the bed covers are washed, the more faded and worn they get. Doing it less frequently keeps them looking...

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Using PawPad® on your bed and everywhere your pet(s) love to hang makes clean up easy

Contain and Control Dog and Cat Hair, Odour, Light Incontinence , accidents and more on Your Bed Covers

  • "After a long day chasing squirrels, I don't want to get kicked out of bed for muddy paws. That's why we use a PawPad®."


  • "I cover the bed in fur. That's why my Mom covers the duvet with a PawPad®."


  • "My fur sticks to everything, so it's great PawPad® can be used anywhere."


  • "I don't bathe every day but I still want to sleep in our bed every night. When PawPad® gets smelly, Mom just tosses it in the washer."


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